5.English thoughts

Everyone’s demons

I see, I hear, I feel them. They are so near that my heart trembles into my throat. The blood just wants to smash the veins into pieces, sharp pieces cutting the pain and flesh. But the fear is sweet, so sweet that makes me embrace it. So why do I cry? Because they feed with my tears and sorrow.
I thought I was walking alone through life, but I’m not. They are here. My demons. And guess what, there are some demons in everyone. Can you face them?
Copywriting: Lacramioara Vidru
Photo: Sorin Furcoi
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Priceless Jewel


Autumn is the only season that can transform everything into gold, pure, natural gold. But it’s not the gold beneath the earth, the one which takes the form of jewels. It’s the gold above it, that makes nature a priceless jewel itself. Let’s marvel…

Copywriter: Lacramioara Vidru

Photo: Sorin Furcoi

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From phones to smartphones

It’s old, a hundred years old. It’s father: Lars Magnus Ericson. In 1910, he creates for his car the first device which used the concept of mobile telephony. There was the rising of a new communication age. In the 50’s, Ericson develops the concept and launches on the Sweden market the first mobile phone completely automatic and the biggest of all time, it’s weight: 40 kilos. Well, it was really the big brother of the today’s mobiles. Since then, it lost weight and gained popularity, accessibility, intelligence and elegance.

Now, it’s human’s best friend, practically indispensable. It’s with us in school, when we get married, at our first job, when we have our first child, when we start our own business, in the air, on the ground, day or night. It sleeps with us, wakes with us. Helps us communicate more, better, faster. It’s there to keep in touch, entertain us, to memorize the best images that life can give us. It’s that bridge of words that keeps us in permanent contact with the world. It’s a little homemade god.

And like all gods that man has created, it can be ranked. And because giants like Apple, Google and RIM, in their battle for supremacy worked hard to improve their gadgets, it is told that 2010 is the best year for smartphones. Therefore, let’s see which are the best of the best, the smartest of the smartest nowadays mobile phones.

And we begin our top five with iPhone, the first intelligent mobile. Creation of Steve Jobs, iPhone 4 has over one hundred new features. With an elegant new design, it is considered to be the thinnest smartphone in the world.

Then there is Nexus One with which Google had great plans. It was created to offer consumers the best functions among the mobiles with Android. And it supposed to be sold exclusively online, directly to those who loved it.

Droid Incredible is, with no doubt, the best mobile with Android. Equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, it can post photos directly on Facebook or Flickr and it is able to connect to the Android Market. Also, HTC has 8 GB internal memory, GPS and a 3.7 inch touching screen.

If your goal is to be entertained, you must have Mytouch 3G from T-Mobile. It’s an Android with 3.4 inch screen, slide-out dial pad. But the most interesting thing about this phone is it’s unique Swype system which allows your fingers to slip on the keypad every time you write, without having to press every single letter.

Last but not least, Bold 9650 is designed for business. And if it’s business, it’s classical style. And RIM knew that. Therefore it maintained the old fashioned keypad QWERTY.  Bold is for those who dare and for that they need 3G, GPS and WiFi. Also, they can use Bold as a modem to let others connect to the network.

So, these are some of the best smartphones of today. Thinking about Ericson’s 40 kilos first phone you wonder: a century of technology and we still invent them. Better and better, smarter and smarter, more and more accessible. Will we ever give up on them? Probably not. 

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The inside light

Human. Special creature, top of Darwin’s evolution, the dominant being on this blue ball of water. Result of God’s goodwill or of some monkey’s wish for greatness, human has constantly claimed his world.

But what is it so marvelous about us? In fact we breathe the same air, we exist under the same endless sky, we are delighted by the same sun, we bathe in the same waters, we keep our feet on the ground by the same rules of gravity.

Everything we have ever imagined, created or built was born as a result of an unique inner impulse, our shiny restless star: the inside light. It is the engine of our own being, the supreme painter of our dreams, visions, world. It’s our spirit that guides, caress and keeps us alive. And we live different, from other reasons. We are born to wonder, to search, to find answers, solutions and God. We breathe to believe, to treasure, to develop. We live to promise a better life, to love and despair, to sing and turn speechless. We walk to print our footstep in the sand. We stare just to bow in front of splendour. And splendour is both in and outside.

We are to let the light shine.

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