The inside light

Human. Special creature, top of Darwin’s evolution, the dominant being on this blue ball of water. Result of God’s goodwill or of some monkey’s wish for greatness, human has constantly claimed his world.

But what is it so marvelous about us? In fact we breathe the same air, we exist under the same endless sky, we are delighted by the same sun, we bathe in the same waters, we keep our feet on the ground by the same rules of gravity.

Everything we have ever imagined, created or built was born as a result of an unique inner impulse, our shiny restless star: the inside light. It is the engine of our own being, the supreme painter of our dreams, visions, world. It’s our spirit that guides, caress and keeps us alive. And we live different, from other reasons. We are born to wonder, to search, to find answers, solutions and God. We breathe to believe, to treasure, to develop. We live to promise a better life, to love and despair, to sing and turn speechless. We walk to print our footstep in the sand. We stare just to bow in front of splendour. And splendour is both in and outside.

We are to let the light shine.

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4 gânduri despre „The inside light

  1. andrei

    Well done…
    No matter what language you use, the result is absolutely wonderful…

  2. Eke

    I can’t find any other words to say than thank you. I’m delighted that you liked it and that song delights me even more!

  3. the deceiver

    Lumina aceasta sa fie oare „vinovată” de scrierile tale?…felicitari…

  4. Eke

    Cred ca da. Si imi doresc sa nu se stinga decat odata cu mine, ori nici atunci. Multumesc pentru aprecieri.

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